Plans in action

Hi all

I thought that today I’d write about the first set of resolutions I’ve made this year.  Yes, the first set…. big decisions for hopefully big changes this year…

These decisions are all about me…. well I suppose resolutions are all personal but these ones are really about changing physically….

Dieting is a harsh term…. so I’m going to eat healthily.  You can cheat on or break a diet… healthy eating means that if I slip then the psychological “well I’ve failed so I’ll eat everything” is easier to avoid.

Another aspect of depression is not caring so much about yourself…. being unemployed doesn’t help with that either!  So… a new haircut (thanks Diana again!!) and glasses…


Pretty frames and clearer vision all in one!

I’ve even managed to find make-up designed for my ‘snow adapted’ skin… mind you it took a while… and two make-up counters covering me in foundation that was ‘almost right!’.  Their music will never be a favourite but Nicola Roberts (another milk white girl) developed cosmetics for the melanin deficient amongst us!  I’ve bought the palest one…. 001 very light…. otherwise known as tipex!

more information about the range here…

Hope everyone is having a great weekend…. Sherlock tomorrow night!!  Hounds and moors Oh My!!




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