Still pondering the HOUND…

Hi all

I’ve been thinking about Hounds of Baskerville (shocking) because it has been sitting in my mind.  The obvious thing is the genius of those involved.  But, the real kudos must belong to Martin Freeman in a masterclass of acting as Watson.  He’s been a soldier, invalided home after being shot and with a raging case of PTSD…. and running after Holmes can’t be helping with that.  Then this…


This is a man who has commanded on the field.  The expectation of obedience.  

But it was in the lab that he shone… the terror in his eyes as every nightmare from battle rose up and growled…. give this man his second BAFTA…. please!!!!

I was excited about the Hobbit…. now I’m drooling….. and terrified for Reichenbach on Sunday.

Promise I’ll write about something else tomorrow 😉




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