We all fell for it…..


I mean just wow……….

The Reichenbach fall was just everything we could ever have hoped for.  The first series was good, this was sublime….. BAFTA’s for everyone.  That being said, we could have done without Moffat and Gatiss trolling twitter and providing pictures of kitties for comfort…. and psyching us out then telling us that there will be season 3 since it was ordered WITH season 2.

Image Image

Martin Freeman’s face…..


Molly the heroine?  Must be…… love her!

And finally…….


AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH….. after Hobbit and Smaug and Necromancer and Star Trek and The Pirates and Parades End……. {calm, we can we calm…. there are DVD’s}




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