Government ‘help’

I had to go and sign on today… wonderful.  An hour and forty-five minutes where they admitted they had forgotten to update the system which is why I’m owed six weeks of money, and then informed me that I needed to expand my horizons in looking for work…..

So I am attending a course on Thursday which will start with assessing my basic skills in English and Maths….


Wonder if they need anyone to teach it?




PS – can’t talk about Sherlock yet…. still pondering, and crying…….. 



Hi all

I’ve finally managed to start listening to my thinking slimmer mp3’s.  I say finally because iTunes and my iPod Touch made it awfully hard.

I’ve never been an apply girl… from the first I’ve been PC… not enough picture or animation things to get used to the MAC.  I had several different mp3 players before getting my iTouch – and I love it!  Still don’t have any other apple products though!

Thing is… I had to install and reinstall so many things that it took 48 hours to get the player to state where I could use it…. not exactly helpful!  I’m pleased that I fixed it though… I was about ready to march into the Apple Store and beg for help… which is NOT my style 😉

The problem is in the things that were lost…. all my notes that I’d written, my scores on games and worst of all – all the notes I’d written into the Bible I have on the device.  All the highlighted verses and comments gone…. including verses that had been given to me….

Apple….. you need to fix this……


or you will be EXTERMINATED…….