New Year, New Habits, Old(ish) Muscles….

Had a fabulous day with my folks and two mad dogs at Lee-on-Solent.   Walking along the promenade in a truly biting wind, avoiding all the new bicycles and scooters while our hairy companions said hello to EVERY dog they met!

Saw some beautiful hand knit hats on people…. wish I’d taken one of my own!

Anyway….. took pics with my phone…. surprised how well they came out since all I did was point and shoot vaguely in the right direction due to glare!


The sun over the water was amazing…… the whole sea sparkled.


Neither hound was overly keen on the sea….. although Conall did get into the habit of jumping up and down the little walls that border the prom.


Conall and I…. looking over the wall at the kite surfers getting ready.



Amazing to watch…. they were jumping and flying along.  With a good wind they left a wake behind the board.

Now… the dog is fast asleep (hasn’t moved for HOURS) and my hips would like prior warning before I try it again,

Still….. gorgeous to watch and inspiring for words and knits

Watch this space 😉